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Dated: December 2 2020

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Why list your home with the Sharyn Younger Real Estate Team? Everywhere I go these days I meet real estate agents, even when I’m not working. Flying back to Phoenix just yesterday, I sat next to a Phoenix Realtor who saw I was using  real estate software on my computer and asked for some advice. With 40.000+ real estate agents in the valley, it’s important to know why you would choose The Sharyn Younger Real Estate Team or refer people you care about to us. Here are a few of the reasons to call on us to list your home.

    1. Presenting Your Home For Sale: Browsing through home listings on line you‘ve undoubtedly seen the dark, fuzzy, out of focus, and sometimes confusing photographs that some listing agents use to represent their clients homes. Glare on the granite; color distortions making it difficult to tell whether those cabinets are mahogany or oak; toilet seats left up; or my favorite….the reflection of the agent as she points her i-phone camera toward the mirror in the bathroom. We’ve actually seen these photographs on listings upwards of $750,000. Our clients homes are not only professionally photographed, we use the best in the industry. Virtuance Photography produces HD photographs that allow for each room to show beautifully with no distortion. Your home will not be passed by for a showing due to appearing unworthy on-line. Additionally, we make 3D virtual tours available and for those special pieces of property, we have access to FCC approved drone photography. And before your photo shoot, we make sure your home is photo ready by using  and hiring a professional stager if necessary.
    1. Marketing expertise: Many agents take a “list and pray” approach to marketing your home. Drop it in the MLS and hope there will be a browsing buyer who will call their agent for an immediate showing. The reality is that some listings do sell that way. But not all. The higher the price point, the more strategic marketing is necessary. Is your home more likely to sell to a foreign buyer? An investor? A seasonal resident? A first time home buyer? A move up buyer? While the MLS goes a long way in getting your property out there, knowing which agents are working primarily with what populations allows us to personally market your property to those most likely to have the right buyers. We hold broker opens, use our great relationships and reputation in the industry, get your property on the right broker tour and use technology to maximize exposure. The results speak for themselves. We get homes seen by many and sold quickly.
    1. Pricing your home correctly, no matter what it takes. Pricing a home requires a balancing act between getting our clients the best price and terms, and having the home appraise for the sales price. Do you have the time, energy or emotional fortitude to have your home listed and shown for let’s say 30 days, get a great offer, and then 15 days into the escrow period, find out that the appraisal came in $10,000 under value? As a seller you will either need to meet the appraised value by selling for less, or risk losing the buyer and have to start all over again. Pricing correctly will get your home sold efficiently with less stress through closing. Now, there are some properties in the valley that are more difficult to price than others. Perhaps it’s a unique home with few like it in the area; perhaps it’s in a neighborhood that’s gentrifying or in transition; Or perhaps there have been few sales in the area to which to compare. In these cases, we don’t just take a stab in the dark, leaving the possibility of you selling for too little or languishing on the market for too long. If we don’t feel confident in our pricing, we recommend an appraisal and will pay for half of it at close of escrow. And speaking of the appraisal, we attend most appraisal appointments on our listings, prepared with all of the evidence we can pull together to support the sale price. And we often get back and appraisal that “meets value”.
    1. Using technology to it’s full advantage. You will find no tech-phobes at the Sharyn Younger Team. Your home will be listed all over the “inter-webs” and social media. It will have its very own web-page and blog post and will be easily found. Apps, e-signing, we use it all to make your home selling experience as seamless as possible. But if you’re an old-fashioned type of guy or gal, paper and pen at the kitchen table is also a definite option.
    1. The absolute best in communication, follow-through, and transaction management. We have a reputation in the industry as being “there before you need it’. There are many moving parts to the sale of your home. And many documents, the number of which if we still used paper, would take out a national forest. While a time-consuming part of our job is chasing down the appropriate paperwork from others to keep the transaction on track and protect our clients, we pride ourselves on NEVER HAVING TO BE CHASED! Documents are typically “there before you need it”. And if you think you will have to work hard to keep track of all of those documents, absolutely not. Every signed document will be saved to a flash drive and provided to you at the end of the transaction. Calls, texts and emails are returned within 30 minutes. You will never be waiting longer than that to get accurate and complete answers to your questions.
    1. Risk Management and client protection. There are a number of risks along the way toward closing on the sale of your home. Have you disclosed thoroughly or appropriately? Has the paperwork been filed correctly and on time? Have the proper steps been taken to protect you should the buyer not complete the purchase? Have you negotiated each and every one of the various terms of the contract to your benefit? Have you taken steps to limit the risks involved in opening your home to strangers? Have you calculated all of the costs associated with selling your property in order to arrive at a reasonably accurate net estimate? The Sharyn Younger Team feels that managing your risk and minimizing your exposure is our number one job. And we do it very well.

When you are ready to sell your home, or refer someone you know to us, do so with the confidence of understanding why The Sharyn Younger Real Estate Team is the right choice.

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