Diversity in Chandler Arizona

Dated: December 2 2020

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Chandler, Arizona: A Very Diverse Community

Chandler City Hall

Most individuals in my world value diversity in a big way. They want to be surrounded by, and raise their kids around a wide variety of cultures, ethnicities, religions, and traditions. They know that living in a diverse community tends to result in more empathy, compassion and kindness – all things we want in strong, peaceful communities. Children raised in those environments are often secure in their own beliefs while being respectful, curious and open to the beliefs of others. Diversity is an important part of my life. My own family includes Native Americans, Jews, African Americans, Scandinavians, Anglos, Mormons, LGBTQ. Our family tree is more like a beautiful, diverse ecosystem. The community I live in must come close to reflecting the population at large. So how does Diversity in Chandler rate?

According to a study of the most diverse suburbs in Arizona by niche.com, Chandler is ranked 8th out of 25 cities. That’s ahead of Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and Gilbert. That diversity shows up in our schools, workplaces, and leisure activities and is promoted by the city’s diversity office and the Chandler Human Relations Commission. Events throughout the year include the Celebration of Unity, Multi-Cultural Festival, Black History Month events, Cesar Chavez Educational Dinner, Holocaust Remembrance events, Mariachi & Folklore Festival, The Ms. Indian Arizona/Indian Art Market, Sister City celebrations for Tullemore Ireland and Tainan, Taiwan, and participation in the Pride Parade every April. Diversity in Chandler is alive and well!

As Chairman of the Human Relations Commission, and serving on the Chandler Chamber of Commerce Diversity and Inclusion Committee, I get to observe and be a part of Chandler’s commitment to making sure ALL residents are valued and their cultures embraced. 

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