A Modern Bath Remodel

Dated: December 3 2020

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21st century master bath remodel

Ok, here’s my opportunity to have my say…not what the fashionistas say…not what my clients say…not what my broker tells me. I’ve been thinking a lot about remodeling my master bathroom – a very private place that in my humble opinion should be a true reflection of one’s style and comfort choices. Of course, I’d have to consult Mr. Younger, but for the moment, a girl can dream, can’t she?

So here’s what I envision: First, let’s rip out the bathtub! If I absolutely had to have a tub, it would be one of those stand-alone, copper clawfoot tubs with beautiful curves. We hardly ever use the tub in the master bath and so if I have to have one for resale value (which I don’t necessarily believe is the case), then it’s going to be nice to look at for the extreme majority of the time it’s not in use. And it will take up less space than a ridiculous standard built in tub.

Now for the shower. This gets a LOT of use in my house. And I believe that if a shower is done right, your time in it should be one of the most comforting and relaxing moments of the morning. I envision a stone snail shower with metal trim, multiple shower heads, attractive shelves for the “shower stuff” on which we spend a lot of money and tends to accumulate, and seating (safety first!). Big, fluffy towels will hang on the towel/robe rack at the entrance/exit to the shower, and there will be plenty of space to enjoy the whole experience of starting the day fresh or washing away the grit of the day just ended.

Lots of storage will be available in my sanctuary for extra big fluffy towels, lotions and potions to keep me and the light of my life looking and feeling great, and supplies to keep the sanctuary looking and feeling great (i.e. clorox bleach spray, which is my favorite cleanup solution). A multilevel granite counter will house two raised sinks and the beautiful cabinetry will offer plenty of drawers and cabinets for ease of reach for all of the necessary tools in the fight against age related mishaps. Speaking of which, in addition to the separate large bathroom mirrors over each of the sink areas, there will be a top of the line magnifying mirror, which is becoming increasingly necessary as my eyes grow less effective. I WILL not be one of those middle aged women who’s make-up is misaligned because she couldn’t really see what she was doing without the glasses which can’t be worn while applying make-up!

One of the most important aspects of a sanctuary bathroom is the lighting. It must be good enough to help with seeing the line of the lips while applying lip liner, but not so harsh that it makes you feel like you’re back in the gym locker room from high school. Beautiful light fixtures that create just the perfect light is what I’m aiming for.

I think it may be time to call my friends who recently had their bathroom remodeled and swear by their contractor. Perhaps this blogpost is the best way to broach the subject with Mr. Younger.

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A Modern Bath Remodel

21st century master bath remodelOk, here’s my opportunity to have my say…not what the fashionistas say…not what my clients say…not what my broker tells me. I’ve been

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